DOCS Clinic Night at Center for Haitian Studies (CHS)

Sine the grand opening in February 2019, the Center for Haitian Studies (CHS) is one of the three weekly UM student-run clinics near the main UM-Jackson campus. At CHS, primary care is provided to patients in the Little Haiti and neighboring Miami communities. In order to be eligible for care at CHS, patients must live at 200% of the federal poverty level or below.

The DOCS Night Clinic at CHS has been running every other Monday evening since February. We have been able to provide our patients with prima-ry care services, health screenings, routine labo-ratory evaluations, and valuable patient education and counseling. The partnership between CHS and DOCS has led to an increased access of care for those in the Little Haiti community who are unable to make it to the day clinic. We have been working with community partners at local events to ensure that patients are aware of the services we provide at our new clinic.

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   Directions to the Clinic

 Address: 8260 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

     Know a physician who is interested in volunteering? Email : CHS Clinic Professional Liasion, Veena Karanam @

 Resources for physicians:

     Interested in volunteering at CHS? Email: CHS Clinic Professional Liasion, Veena Karanam @

     Please email: CHS Clinic Professional Liasion, Veena Karanam @ with all physician volunteering questions.


Project Manager: Sara Brenner (

Professional Liaison:  Veena Karanam (

Logistics Coordinator: Melissa Jones (

Patient Relations Coordinator: Emily Singer (

Student Liaison: Ethan Ande (

Patient Education Coordinator:  Carnie Lazarre (

Quality Improvement Coordinator: Shannon Wagner (

2018-2019 and 2019-2020 CHS Clinic Staff

Anyone needing special assistance, please make arrangements by registering your special needs by calling (305) 243-4898 or emailing