How to Apply

How to Apply: CHLC 2021

We are excited that you are interested in attending the 2020- 2021 DOCS Community Health Leadership Conference hosted VIRTUALLY by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine on Saturday January 23, 2021!

 Apply Here! DOCS Community Health Leadership Conference Application

Please NOTE: All medical and graduate students from US schools are eligible to apply.



Submissions for poster presentations at the Community Health Leadership Conference must be preceded by an abstract submission as part of the conference application. The abstract should summarize your poster presentation topic and should focus on one or more of the following topics as they relate to your school’s student run health fairs or clinics:

1.    An overview of your school’s successful, sustainable mode

2.    A description of new or recent innovations and enhancements implemented by your program

3.    An explanation of a recent challenge faced your program and how the program addressed the challenge

4.    How your program built or strengthened a community partnership

5. How your program links its patients with continual, sustainable care 

The typed abstract should conform to the following specifications.

1.    The entire abstract should be no longer than 500 words including title and authors.

2.     Point size 11 for normal text.

3.     All words in the title should be in bold capital letters.

4.    All abbreviations designated by code or initial letters in the title must be identified in the body of the abstract.

5.     The presenting Author’s Name (i.e. your name) should be underlined.

6.     PI (if applicable) should be listed last with an asterisk.

7.     Include the department and school or institution along with the authors’ names.

8.    The abstract should contain the objective, methods, results, and conclusion of the research study.

A Sample Abstract Can Be Found Here: Sample Abstract

The final deadline for submission is January 4, 2021 to be considered for acceptance.

Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Please direct questions to


1.   What is DOCS?

Founded in 2000, DOCS is a student run, non-profit organization endorsed by the UMMSM administration. DOCS holds annual fairs in 8 different needy communities in Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Broward counties and a free weekly clinic for medically underserved populations. We screen for the most prevalent diseases in our community including; hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, vision loss, obesity, and depression, as well as colon, breast, cervical, and skin cancers. Using a referral system of free clinics, we also act as a portal for entry to care for those patients identified to be at risk.

2.   What is the Community Health Leadership Conference

The Community Health Leadership Conference is held annually by the Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Department of Community Service as per our effort to “Disseminate the Model.” Schools throughout the country have organizations similar to DOCS in an effort to serve their
community. We hope to collaborate with these medical school organizations to
facilitate conversation, share ideas and make a program for service-based
medical education a reality in communities served by medical and healthcare
professional schools throughout the country. This is the centerpiece of our
efforts, and we hope that a weekend filled with conversation, troubleshooting
and service will reinvigorate our attendees and put us all on a path to
accomplish this long-term goal.

3.   How much does CHLC cost?

The registration fee will be WAIVED this year due to adjustments made for the COVID-19 pandemic.

4.   What does your registration include?

                                  Access to all the Conference Events (Keynote Addresses, Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations,                                Workshops, Health Fair; Awards Ceremony T-Shirt; Other Miscellaneous Conference Paraphernalia

5.      OK great! But when will I hear back about my application?

Expect to be notified of acceptance by January 10, 2021

6.   What does a virtual conference entail?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the DOCS CHLC team has chosen to conduct the conference over a virtual system. Extensive details will be provided to participants following acceptance into the conference regarding presentation format, scheduling, and maneuvering through the online platform we choose to work with. That being said, the
integrity of the conference remains of utmost importance to us and we are
working diligently so that the conference provides the same level of education
for all participants as the years past. Thank you for your patience.