Here is what previous attendees had to say about their experiences:

“Wonderful experience, extremely helpful and fun! Also very motivating to witness firsthand the product of all your hard work put into the health fairs – definitely inspired me to attempt to do the same at my school and set the bar higher for the organization/system of health fairs already in place. Thank you!”

“The DOCS retreat was a rewarding experience in creating new connections across FL schools and sharing ideas across other institutions. I came back from the retreat refreshed to push for new initiatives and to take on challenges in my own organization.”

“Absolutely loved it! Definitely going to try and get more students from my school to apply for next year that way they can have the same great experience. Also I learned a ton, not just how to improve our clinic but also how to improve our school´s focus on community service.”

“This retreat was a great networking opportunity. I feel that the most special thing about the DOCS leadership retreat is that it enables medical students from a variety of backgrounds to unite with the common goal of providing service to underserved populations.” – Florida State University COM


 “The retreat was amazing! A wonderful characteristic about medical students is we are eager to make changes for the better in our communities. Being able to share ideas with other students makes a person realize how capable they are of implementing new and improved methods at their own school, and challenges them to make an impact.” –University of Tennessee Health Science Center


“The retreat was an excellent forum to exchange service project ideas among various medical schools.” –University of Central Florida COM


“I really enjoyed seeing how things were done differently [at the Key West Health Fair] and picking up ideas to apply to our own health fairs.” – Florida State University COM


“The health fair experience was incredible. Learning how to […] perform a female pelvic exam [was a] memorable opportunity.” –University of Central Florida COM


“I had a great experience at the retreat. I especially enjoyed the conference because it allowed each school the opportunity to learn from each other’s different approaches and styles towards the same common goal of community service.” –Florida State University COM


“When the attendees were surveyed about their experiences, this is what they had to say:


“The structure of the leadership board for DOCS inspired us to change the Executive Board structure of our global health interest group to better reflect the responsibilities of each officers.” – UCF COM


“We intend to plan our own health fair. We definitely benefited from hearing about how other schools organized their community service projects.” – FAU


“We are in the process of trying to organize various student run health fairs. The insight we gained definitely fueled our motivation.” –UCF COM


“After returning from this retreat, my job will be to inspire our school that THEY CAN make a difference, and they are not limited in what they can accomplish.” –University of Tennessee Health Science Center


“We will start making ‘baby steps’ towards establishing a centralized, more stream line organization that will focus on implementing more widespread community service projects. For instance, instead of just having the Internal Medicine Interest Group hold […] free diabetes blood screenings, we will make […] a system in place that encourages attendance from other interest groups – such as the ophthalmology group – to attend and perform eye checks. Basically, I am pushing for something that models DOCS to eliminate redundancy at our school, and which will have more organization.” –University of Tennessee Health Science Center