Donor Information

The Mitchell Wolfson Sr. DOCS seeks support from Local and National sponsors to supply our activities with the material goods we need to succeed.

While in-kind donations are appreciated, monetary donations allow us to be flexible with our spending and resource allocation. Monetary donations are tax-deductible.

If you are unsure whether the Mitchell Wolfson Sr. DOCS would benefit from your donation of goods or services, or to learn what you can specify your monetary donation for, please contact Raysa Christodoulou (

Below are some of the items Wolfson DOCS Logistics can benefit from:

  • Medical supplies, both durable and non-durable goods
  • Services, transportation-assistance
  • Food for volunteers for day of Health Fair
  • Tables, chairs (rentals) for day of Health Fair
  • Medical informatics supplies, laptops, printers
  • Educational/Instructional supplies, displays

Click on the donation link below to donate today!

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Or contact Raysa Christodoulou ( for more information.