Lotus Wellness Center

Lotus House is a resource facility serving homeless women and their children, whether due to domestic violence, medical or mental illness, disability, or economic reasons. Up to 100 women and 50 children reside at Lotus House at a time with the goal of empowerment through a holistic approach. Lotus House provides transitional housing and wrap-around support with a wide range of services from job training and placement to medical and mental health services.


The Lotus Wellness Center (LWC) was opened in 2010 as a collaborative effort between the Lotus House Women’s Shelter and DOCS. The LWC is operated by both the LWC staff and officers, as commissioned by the DOCS Executive Board, and by the LHWS employees.

The Lotus Wellness Center is held every Monday night. We emphasize women’s health and provide a range of services, including:

  • Women’s wellness exams (including pap smears and breast exams)

  • Health screenings for early detection of disease or health problems (including STD screening and counseling)

  • Diagnosis and treatment by licensed physicians

  • Specialty nights to cater to the needs of the women (including OB/GYN, Family Medicine, Transgender Medicine, and Psychiatry)

  • Follow up sessions and referrals

 Mission and Purpose

The Lotus Wellness Center serves the residents of the Lotus House Women’s Shelter as well as the women of the surrounding community of Overtown by providing quality health screening, treatment, and education. By enlisting the participation of student and physician volunteers, the clinic will provide quality health care in addition to creating an environment that fosters student learning. The Lotus Wellness Center will continuously strive to improve its services and reach out to underserved women of our community.

LWC Staff  2017-2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Can boys volunteer?

Yes, we welcome all medical student volunteers regardless of gender!

What if I’m not interested in OB/GYN?

Lotus provides a substantial amount of primary care services for its patients, and volunteering provides an invaluable opportunity for practicing clinical skills, presenting to attendings, and developing treatment plans regardless of your future field of choice.

What should I wear?

Wear clinical attire and a white coat. There is no A/C at the Lotus Wellness Center, so dress accordingly.

What should I bring?

Please bring your stethoscope, pen light, and ophthalmoscope/otoscope, if you have one. You may bring any valuables with you into the shelter and we can store them for you during clinic night.

Do I need to speak Spanish/Creole/some other language?

While helpful, speaking an additional language is not necessary to volunteer at LWC. If we are seeing a patient whose primary language is one other than English, we will provide a translator for you.

If you are interested in being added to our volunteer translator list, please contact Melissa Olsson, the Student Liaison (m.olsson@med.miami.edu), particularly if you speak Spanish and/or Creole.

What will I be doing?

A complete list of volunteer responsibilities will be explained at the beginning of clinic night.

In general, 1st/2nd Year Students will:

  • Assess vitals: BP, temperature, HR, RR, height, weight, BMI

  • Complete medical history taking

  • Perform physical exam on patient

  • Participate in the development of an assessment and plan

3rd/4th Year Students will:

  • Supervise underclassman in vital assessment, history taking, and physical exam

  • Develop problem list, possible assessment/plan and present to the physician

Where is clinic located?

We are located just a short drive from campus in Overtown. Our address is 217 NW 15th Street, Miami, FL, 33136. (Click here for directions)

When you arrive at the Lotus House, please park on the street around the white picket fence of the shelter. Please make sure not to block any driveways.

If you need a ride to the shelter for clinic night, please contact the Student Liaison and we would be happy to accommodate your needs.

Students, please click here to register for Clinic dates

Clinic Elective students, click here for 2015-16 syllabus

Anyone needing special assistance, please make arrangements (preferably one week prior to clinic) by calling (305) 243-4898 or emailing docs@med.miami.edu


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