Research & Quality Improvement

Thank you for interest in pursuing research with DOCS. The purpose of DOCS is to serve South Florida communities with free access to health screenings for chronic, treatable diseases. The Research and Quality Improvement team (RQI) within DOCS is responsible for analyzing internal data for the betterment of the organization, such that we might fulfill the mission of DOCS with broader reach, better efficiency, and stronger outcomes. RQI conducts its own research, facilitates research of other teams within DOCS, and screens research proposals by students not currently on DOCS staff. The Executive Board will approve student proposals following the screening of proposals by the RQI team. This document is a guide to submitting research proposals to RQI by students interested in research within DOCS.

The purpose of RQI in this capacity is to screen projects for feasibility and actionable outcomes that support the mission of DOCS. Feasibility in this context relates to the research plan (i.e. does the data exist already, and if not, will acquiring data interrupt services provided at the health fairs?). Actionable outcomes in this context relate to the meaning of the research, and how that research will help our patients or DOCS as a whole. Students must demonstrate a significant gain to patients or operations through any proposed research. Lastly, research within DOCS and with our patients is for internal purposes only, and should not be designed for outside publication.

Please answer the following questions and submit them to the Director of RQI, Jen Rodriguez ( or click here to fill out the form. RQI will review the proposal and respond as soon as possible. If approved, RQI will help connect inquiring students with the teams they’ll need to work with to accomplish their project objectives. If the proposed research question is already being worked on by DOCS, then RQI may point interested students in that direction to help with current efforts.

Outline of Research Proposal

  1. What is your research question? (3-4 sentences describing the impetus behind the proposal and specifically what you hope to learn).
  2. How will the outcome be applied to improve DOCS? For each proposed research question, define exactly how this will aid in helping DOCS deliver patient care. Research questions should ask questions that will yield actionable results, and should not be pursue rote descriptive statistics.
  3. What is your research plan (be as detailed as possible)?
    • Are you requesting data from patient records?
    • What data are you requesting?
    • How will this data be analyzed?
    • Are you hoping to collect data through surveys? If so, please submit a copy of your survey.
  4. Will you need statistical help from RQI team members?
    Thank you for your inquiry and commitment to bettering DOCS.