The DOCS National Health Leadership Consortium is an effort to promote collaboration and communication between student organizations at medical schools across the country. We aim to accomplish this through an online forum that serves as a platform for sharing resources, exchanging ideas, establishing partnerships, and conducting national research projects. For example, through the forum, medical students at the University of Miami can connect with medical students in another state to help them organize a health fair. Meanwhile, all participants of the forum can witness and benefit from the interaction, and learn how they might improve their existing programs. Another example might include two schools with similar programs combining research data to increase the power of their results. These results can inform changes that enhance both programs and therefore the health of their respective communities. The research can be presented at a national conference, such as the DOCS Community Health Leadership Conference, and reach an even wider audience.
DOCS has led student-run health fairs and clinics in South Florida for over forty years, and has built an incredibly successful model. We aim to disseminate this model via the online forum and in conjunction with the “Disseminating the Model” website found under the “Consortium” tab above. At the same time, DOCS recognizes other student organizations have crafted incredibly successful projects of their own, and we encourage these organizations to share their wisdom and resources with similar organizations at other institutions, such as the University of Miami, via our online forum. We hope schools will engage in a continuous dialogue via our forum that ultimately improves the efficacy and efficiency of our nation’s student organizations. Contributors to the forum are considered members of our National Health Leadership Consortium, and are paving the way to improving the health of communities across the United States.
To see an example of the resources available please visit our forum