Rapid Access Wellness Clinic

The DOCS Rapid Access Wellness (RAW) Clinic, a cornerstone of care at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, is one of the institution’s five student-run free clinics. Our clinic, established to meet the diverse healthcare needs of our community, serves as a beacon of accessible and inclusive care.

The RAW Clinic plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive healthcare services, primarily catering to the White and Latino men and transgender community within our vibrant patient population. Our commitment extends to serving the LGBTQ+ community by offering accessible infectious disease prevention and treatment options. These include services such as STI/HIV testing, PrEP, nPEP, rapid entry HIV care, and gender-affirming care.

To ensure accessibility for all, our clinic extends the parent clinic’s hours every other Wednesday evening starting at 4:30 pm. This extension allows medical students and physicians the opportunity to volunteer and actively participate in the provision of comprehensive and preventative care of infectious diseases.

Beyond direct patient care, the RAW Clinic is dedicated to fostering the development of culturally sensitive healthcare professionals. We aim to enhance the comfort and knowledge of medical students in treating LGBTQ+ patients, contributing to a healthcare environment that is supportive, respectful, and inclusive for all.

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Every other Wednesday at 4:30 pm

Address: 1951 NW 7th Ave Miami, FL 33136

Resources for volunteers:

Are you a physician interested in volunteering? Please email Professional Liaison, Kiana Magee

Are you a medical student interested in volunteering? Please email Student Liaison, Karan Prasad (knp58@miami.edu)


Project Manager: Hunter Kessous (hsk71@miami.edu)

Professional Liaison: Kiana Magee (kmn112@miami.edu)

Logistics and Quality Improvement Coordinator: Anthony Fuentes (ajf279@miami.edu)

Patient Education Coordinator: Niko DiStefano (nvd10@miami.edu)

Student Liaison: Karan Prasad (knp58@miami.edu)

Anyone needing special assistance, please make arrangements by registering your special needs by calling (305) 243-4898 or emailing  docs@med.miami.edu