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Mailing Address: P.O Box 016960 (R-59), Miami, FL 33101

Delivery Address: 1600 NW 10th Ave. RMSB 2018, Miami, FL 33136

Telephone: (305) 243-4898


Amar Deshpande, MD
DOCS Physician Advisor
Raysa Christodoulou
DOCS Manager
 DOCS Executive Board 2020-2021
Sophia Pines
Executive Director
Alexa Turpin
Executive Director
Rick Lin
Mary Muffly
William Scola
Veronica Nunez
James Bao
Interprofessional Education Director
Annika Patel
Logistics Director
Andrew Masciarella
Longitudinal Access Director
Jessica Hunter
Medical Informatics Directors
Sameeha Rau
Public Relations Director
Sirisha Gaddipati
Research and Quality Improvement Director
Brandon Anderson
Training Director
 DOCS RMC Exec Board 2020-2021
Abigail Pelletier
RMC Director
Daniela Cosio
Guatemalan Mayan Center Adult Co-Director
Malaika Woody
Guatemalan Mayan Center Pediatrics Co-Director
Colin Mackenzie
Caridad Clinic Project Manager
Amogh Havanur
Healthcare Access Director
Maggie Ginoza
Healthcare Access Director
Daniel Beckerman
RQI Coordinator

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