San Juan Bosco Clinic

DOCS Clinic Night at San Juan Bosco (SJB)

The DOCS San Juan Bosco (SJB) Clinic is among the five weekly UM student-run clinics near the main UM-Jackson campus, committed to providing specialized care services to the Allapattah and neighboring Miami communities. To be eligible to receive care at SJB, patients must live at 200% of the federal poverty level or below.

The clinic operates every Tuesday night at 4:30 pm, rotating through eight different medical specialties. Specialty services include gastroenterology, urology, neurology, pulmonology, rheumatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry, and cardiology in addition to physical therapy services. To facilitate these specialty services, SJB offers laboratory and diagnostic testing services through the Baptist Health System, ensuring these vital services come at no cost to our patients. For those in need of procedures or surgery, we facilitate applications for financial assistance with the Jackson Health System. The daytime SJB clinic operates independently, delivering primary care for adults and children, along with gynecological services. Established in 1992 in collaboration with the Sisters of St. Joseph, the clinic’s origins trace back to a shared vision of meeting the health needs of refugees and new immigrants in Miami-Dade County.

At the heart of the student-run DOCS San Juan Bosco clinic is the integration of patient care and peer teaching. We are dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of our patients by delivering quality specialty and primary care to underserved communities. SJB embodies a commitment to a team-based approach to patient-centered care, fostering a supportive learning environment led by our volunteer physicians.

To medical students at the Miller School of Medicine, service at SJB is more than clinical practice. It is an opportunity to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and exposure necessary to become compassionate physician-healers and advocates for our patients and communities as a whole.

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Every Tuesday at 4:30 pm

Address: 730 NW 34th St. Miami, FL 33127 (next to Corpus Christi Church)

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Come prepared for clinic by reading about medical interpretation at SJB here.

Referring a new patient? Download this bilingual guide to SJB registration.

If you are a student interested in volunteering at SJB, please email Student and Translator Liaison: Tomas Panqueva (

If you are a physician interested in volunteering at SJB, please email Professional Liaison: Adrian Santana (


Project manager: Victoria Garcia (

Professional Liaison: Adrian Santana (

Logistics & QI Coordinator: Lauren Toledo (

Student Liaison: Tomas Panqueva (

Patient Education Coordinator: Ania Murillo (

Patient Relations Coordinator: Lina Ferrari (

SJB Day Clinic Liaisons: Luz Gallardo

Anyone needing special assistance, please make arrangements by registering your special needs by calling (305) 243-4898 or emailing